ZouKiDisco x
Alongside Zouk’s Flea & Easy X Sunset Pasar collaboration, the ever popular ZouKiDisco will be returning to Phuture! ZouKiDisco knows no age limit and will bring the joy of electronic music to all walks of life.

Bring on those dance moves for a fun-filled family afternoon with your kids and our resident DJs on the decks. More than just a day of busting moves, there will be loads of family-friendly surprises and activities such as dance classes, face painting, bouncy castles (and many more!) specially curated by the good folks at Party Mojo. A Sunday treat for both young and old!

Only kids from 1-10 years of age are allowed entry to ZouKiDisco. You have to be accompanied by a child to enter ZouKiDisco.

Admission Fee: $18 (comes with 1 non-alcoholic drink) applicable for any individual entering whether child or adult.